GenFam: Gene Family based classification and enrichment analysis

GenFam is a comprehensive classification and enrichment analysis tool for plant genomes. It is a user-friendly web application providing unique way to characterize the large-scale gene datasets such as those from transcriptome analysis.

  • New functional classification and enrichment approach, where plant gene families are used to identify overrepresented gene functions

  • Web based and easy to handle graphical-user interface which allows users to readily input gene lists, and export results in both tabular and graphical formats

  • Statistical parameters can be customized as per user interest and data type

  • Currently supports sixty plant genomes and gene identifiers that are available on Phytozome v12.0 database

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How to cite:

Bedre, R, Mandadi, K. GenFam: A web application and database for gene family‐based classification and functional enrichment analysis. Plant Direct. 2019; 3: 1– 7.